What if going to the doctor was one-stop shopping?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

An innovative model of care

What if all the medical and mental health care you needed was all in one place?

Numbers show a majority of people with mental illness also have at least one chronic physical health problem that requires treatment. But many people can’t afford mental health services, or they don’t have a regular psychologist or psychiatrist. 

In this episode of TruckBeat, we hear about a concept that some experts say helps to solve this issue. It’s an idea that’s quickly gaining in popularity across the country, and it's called integrated care. Some doctors say it can provide better, lower-cost healthcare, especially for people who lack transportation or live on low incomes. 

Producers Matt Shafer Powell and Leslie Snow have the story.

Leslie Snow

Leslie Snow is a freelance producer for WUOT. She has a master’s degree in English from the University of Texas at Arlington. Leslie has been working on special projects for WUOT since 2010. She also writes a weekly column for the Knoxville News Sentinel newspaper. She has large dogs, small cats and medium-sized kids.

Matt Shafer Powell

Matt Shafer Powell manages the news department at WUOT in Knoxville, Tennessee. A two­-time national Murrow Award winner, Powell is an audio junkie who has spent time as a disc jockey, news reporter, writer/producer of commercials and sound ­recording engineer. He created TruckBeat's sister project at WUOT, Tenn Words

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